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Freezer Boxes

Cryoguard Freezer Boxes




A Cryoguard Freezer Box provides assurance, when the indicator is green, that the material within was not thermally compromised by routine removal from the freezer or by a power failure or by coolant depletion.


Use of Cryoguard Thermal Exposure Indicators might have reduced the heart breaking loss of frozen eggs caused by depletion of liquid nitrogen coolant at the Ahuja Medical Center Fertility Center in Cleveland and at the San Francisco Fertility Center - had these centers been using Cryoguard™ Thermal Exposure Indicators in freezer boxes to identify and salvage specimens that escaped potentially damaging thermal exposure.


Placing one of our activated Cryoguard Thermal Exposure Indicators directly behind one of the openings, enables viewing of the indicator in covered boxes in freezer racks. For instructions on activation of the indicators, click here.


The openings at the bottom of the boxes provide for the drainage of liquid nitrogen.


Cryoguard freezer boxes show that frozen samples are good when the indicator is green.


When your freezer alarm system is unable to monitor your samples, let Cryoguard indicators take over.