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Activation Tool

Cryoguard™ Activation Tool

The Cryoguard Activation Tool is designed to assist in the activation process of the Cryoguard Thermal Exposure Indicators. The tool makes the activation process quicker and reduces the amount of indicator handling, thus minimizing the amount of thermal exposure the indicators are subjected to during activation. The less exposure, the less likely the indicator is to prematurely change color from green to red once activated This tool is compatible with freezer canes, allowing the user to activate indicators without removing them from the freezer cane. Overall, the tool has a significantly higher success rate with indicator activation than any other activation method.

The activation tool is required for the M-135 and M-150 indicators due to their low melting point, but it can also be used to activate any of the Cryoguard indicator models. 


Instructions for use with indicators on or off a freezer cane


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Product Description

  • Facilitates activation of all Cryoguard Thermal Exposure Indicators
  • Required for proper activation of the M-135 and M-150 indicators
  • Minimizes thermal exposure during the activation process